Mythos & Ink is graciously offering a 60% course discount to Christ and Pop Culture members until August 18, 2019. 

If you want to learn how to do something with excellence, you should study the masters in the field. This goes for whatever you are striving to learn or achieve, whether it is a new skill, a sport, a job, or something artistic like writing a book. The writing Academy team at Mythos & Ink, the up and coming independent press formed in 2019 by publishing professionals (and self-proclaimed professional geeks) Allison Alexander and Kyle Rudge, ascribes to this same principle in their desire to mentor aspiring authors. 

As the writing mentorship arm of Mythos & Ink Publishing, Mythos & Ink Academy exists to help the struggling writer turn their words into works of art. “With us,” they say, “writers can study the geeky authors they love and learn how to create their own fictional masterpieces.” Their latest writing course, designed for those with a passion for science fiction and fantasy, looks to a particular master of the genre for guidance.

“Novel Structure According to Harry Potter” is a ten-week course designed to instruct in the storytelling prowess of J. K. Rowling, using Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as the case study. Allison Alexander and writer/editor Kyla Neufeld act as both instructors and mentors for participants in the course, leading them through the ten lessons of writing material, each one designed around a different aspect of the novel-planning process, based on the model set forth by the beloved first installment of the Harry Potter series. From an opening line that will grab your reader’s attention right out of the gate to an ending that will leave them both fulfilled and longing for more, Alexander and Neufeld will walk participants of the course through how Rowling succeeded in bringing Harry Potter to life and how you can plot your novel in the same pattern she did. The course runs from August to October, and participants will also receive valuable feedback from the instructors on each assignment they produce. An option to audit the course for a reduced rate is also available. 

While there will only ever be one J. K. Rowling, there will always be a vast number of creative writers who long to tell good stories well. Following in the footsteps of someone like Rowling, with the mentorship and instruction of people in the industry who want to help you succeed, is a good way to not only start your writing journey, but also set out to strive to complete it with excellence. If you are one who sees the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in geeky stories, and you want to learn how to craft similarly captivating tales, then “Novel Structure According to Harry Potter” might be a great place for you to start. 

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