Being childless on Mother’s Day can be tough. Between family celebrations and church services, the day can take a huge emotional toll on the woman who is struggling with barrenness.

On this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson welcome Karen Swallow Prior to discuss her recent ERLC article titled “Called to childlessness: The surprising ways of God.” Prior speaks of the infertility she and her husband have faced and how God has affirmed that being childless makes way for another calling—one that isn’t about a lack of children but about a different kind of abundance. Both Prior and Straza speak of how they handle grief, feeling out of place, and insensitive questions. Discussion also touches on ways the Church can minister to women who are not moms, whether they are single, barren, or simply not sure they are called to motherhood. While the Church has rightly placed great value on the gift of children and the weight of motherhood, this has resulted in pressure for couples to pursue children no matter the cost or risk. Be sure to pop out to Twitter @PersuasionCAPC to answer the question of day: What kind of local support have you had from your church family in regards to our topic today?

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