Fancy yourself a prophet in the modern-day? It just take a bit of outrage, a pinch of wit, and platform to speak from—and, viola! People flock from near and far to engage in the chatter, praise your insight, and rally around shared tenets and beliefs. Jesus made it clear that a true prophet is without honor among his own people (see Mark chapter 6). But today’s prophetic voices are more often praised by the masses than hauled off for punishment. Oddly enough, today’s so-called prophets have adoring crowds who love the message—often because it cuts down those sinners, over there, while affirming the goodness of those in the prophet’s coterie. The stories of the prophets recorded in the Bible are quite different though—they spoke messages that burned, prompting the majority of listeners to reject the message and the mouthpiece only to sink deeper in to sin. Today’s sharp talkers are far from these portraits in scripture, causing us all to wonder if these prophets are called by God or merely self-selected.

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson invite writer and thinker Sharon Hodde Miller to discuss her take on our current predicament. Miller recently wrote about the loss of prophetic imagination in the Christian realm and how that has rendered our leaders powerless to speak truth that will convict and usher in true repentance. Key to the conversation are the current events that have revealed many Christians to be more committed to political talking points than to biblical standards. If we are to pursue God’s Kingdom in today’s culture, we must develop our ability to speak disruptive truth so that together God’s people will lament over our collective sins and return to His ways.

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