Ronda Rousey and failure are the two topics Drew and Tyler chat about with Cameron McAllister in regards to his recent article “A Question I Hope Ronda Rousey is Asking Right Now.” The trio chat about the MMA and Rousey’s recent failures and what we can learn about confronting our own fear of failure. We also discuss how the gospel shapes our thinking about ourselves and keeps us from having to constantly worry about being found a fraud. We also briefly discuss the ethics of MMA.

Listen to The CaPC Digest Episode 75:

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  1. Thank You! I felt the same way when Ronda Rousey asked who she was if not a winner? I’m a big fan of hers and have been for years and marvel at what she has accomplished. I was surprised that she didn’t seem to have more depth to fall back on? Holly Holm being a preacher’s daughter appears to have that and it has been pretty obvious in the way she has handled herself. I too hope that Ronda finds herself in Christ before it’s too late? It took me going through a lot in life before I came to where I’m finally content trying to live by “God’s Will” not min. God Bless You! Jerry

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