“We Live in the Dream”: Seeing through a Glass Darkly in Twin Peaks

We know the soul-ache of mystery; so does Twin Peaks.

‘It’s Not about Deserve’: Truth, Pity, and a Deeper Magic in Wonder Woman

We crave heroes like Wonder Woman who give undeserved mercy to those who deserve destruction.

Less Is More? What Minimalism Can (and Can’t) Teach Us

Minimalism shows us that owning more stuff cannot satisfy, but the idea of minimalism by itself will not satisfy in the long term either.

Stranger Things and Our Quest for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Stranger Things contrasts the ordinary with the extraordinary, the normal with the supernatural, and the mundane with the unexpected.

Screwtape in the Wilderness: The Devil in the Details of ‘Last Days in the Desert’

The Jesus portrayed by Ewan McGregor in the the film ‘Last Days in the Desert’ is a new kind of movie Messiah, taking on an all-too-real kind of Devil.

Tolkien Would Have Appreciated ‘The Bachelor’ . . . Probably

There is something in ‘The Bachelor’ that resonates with the heart of every one of us.

The Next Page: Community and Creativity in Reading ‘The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings’

A reminder that the struggle for creativity amid daily toil is both ordinary and worthwhile.

Zach and the Vinestalk: Zach King’s Six-Second “Fairy Tales”

In his Vine videos, King creates a fictive world that is, in one sense, enchanted.

The Difficult Enjoinder to Rejoice on Mother’s Day

The trend to combine mourning and rejoicing on Mother’s Day, to extend kindness to women who find this day painful, may actually undercut our good intentions.

The Best Is Yet to Come

The tragedy of lost childhoods can be redeemed and the wistfulness we sometimes feel over the past is an intimation and foretaste of a future of healing and joy and restoration.

Bilbo’s Garden

Bilbo’s garden offers a glimpse into the world as it once was, and as it might be again.

LOL Interwebz: Internet Privacy Is a Myth, so Maybe You Should Just Stop Being Horrible

We’re still looking to do things in private. We still want to shame people for doing certain things, which we then turn around and do ourselves.

Holy Relics: A Christian Stand-Up Comedy Special

“Some say “I follow Peter,” and others say “I follow Apollos.” Well, here are a few guys whose hearts are sold out for comedy alone. Soli commedia gloria.”

“That Which Nourishes Me Destroys Me”: Christopher Marlowe and Our Deals with the Devil

Like Marlowe’s Faustus, we all make our own deals with the devil in pursuit of “frivolous demands.”

J. K. Rowling: In Praise of Imagination

Through delightful engagement with Harry Potter, readers are pointed to the ultimate reality.

Downton Abbey: Means to an End?

‘Downton Abbey’ raises the significant question of whether we ought to treat people as means or as ends in and of themselves.