Worship Music: What Is It Good For?

Ideally, it seems, worship music should be written and performed by attractive young people sporting angular haircuts, tight T-shirts, and tattoos.

Bidding Farewell to Garrison Keillor’s Church

Keillor had no interest in presenting a scrubbed and gleaming version of the church and its people to the world; if anything, his stories tend in the opposite direction.

The Stories Our Churches Tell

While the story of scripture and the story of America are not always in conflict, they are not the same story.

Without Shame: Letting Abortion Stories Supplant Stigma

Wherever Christians choose judgment or the promotion of abortion stigma, wherever we approach those touched by abortion with anything short of the grace and truth of the Gospel, we truly do risk driving women directly into the circles of those who will condone, legitimize, praise, and ultimately perpetuate abortion as an acceptable “solution.”

Baptizing “Masculinity”: The Real Reason Men are Leaving the Church

Too often, when we talk about “attracting men” to church, what we mean is tricking men into walking in the door by baptizing whatever infantilized conceptions of masculinity the broader culture has invented.

The Popcorn Church: How Obsession with Tech and the Arts Affects Our Worship

Is an appetite for the arts wrong? Not necessarily, but we must consider the affects right-brain emaciation might have on church and spirituality.

Holy Relics: A Plastic Communion Cup

Cheap and disposable, they end up ribbing the outsides of full trash bags the Monday after communion Sunday.

CAPC Podcast #30 – Atari Dig, Paternity Leave, Dressing Up for Church

“We Are Not Past Race”: An Interview With Trillia Newbell

We talked to Trillia Newbell about her new book, United, and her vision for race relations in the church.

Donald Miller and the Myth of Isolated Worship

“Worship is not about me, my feelings, my learning needs, or even those around me: It’s about God.”

How the Church Resegregated Schools in the South

We like to imagine segregation is ancient history. Tyler Glodjo reminds us it’s not.

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 8: Christianity and “Whomanism”

“Doctor Who provides no consistent answer to the question of what the universe is made of, or whether there is a higher power above time and space. For the most part, the show adopts a clearly humanist mindset with regards to the matter around us. But then an episode like “The Satan Pit” comes about, throwing a wrench into our understanding of the universe.”

God and Country Music: Stories and Reformation in Outlaw Country

Nick Rynerson finds commonalities between the stories of Christianity and Outlaw Country.

Studios are Selling Man of Steel, But Should Churches Be Buying?

A New Gospel-Inspired Peace in Honduras

“For my family, to gain their country back from the gangs is a small preview of the day when ‘Violence shall no more be heard in your land, devastation or destruction within your borders; you shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise.'”

Do Kids Need Their Own Noah’s Ark To Learn About God?

“But do children require such extreme measures in order to jazz their imaginations and inspire awe in their Creator?”