Citizenship Confusion: Why Christians Should Read Disturbing, Dark, and Secular Fiction

“Sometimes we have to read hard, ugly, offensive, depressing things to understand our world, and thereby love our neighbor. “

Citizenship Confusion: You have no Idea how Biased You are, but I Do. You’re Welcome.

“We all have biases, and our efforts to rid ourselves of them through education and self-awareness don’t actually “fix” the problem. Even worse, our bias-blindness has serious consequences.”

Citizenship Confusion: The Power of Complements and Egalitarians

“The marriage dynamic taught by Paul is actually more radical than Evans argues and some complementarians envision.”

Citizenship Confusion: Alienation and the Christian Ethic of Shopping at Threadless, Etsy, and Trades of Hope

“Our contemporary market creates a number of problems for Christians. Primarily, it alienates the worker and the consumer.” But does it have to?

Citizenship Confusion: Breaking the Shopping Habit

“The practice of shopping as entertainment can have serious consequences for believers”

Citizenship Confusion: Why I Criticize the Church

“It’s very hard not to be a Cheerleader for everything evangelicals do or a Parasite that grows by feeding off of mocking other evangelicals.”

Citizenship Confusion: Dan Savage Bullies Christians

“[A]fter watching the video myself, I came a way less convinced that Savage had bullied anyone and more aware of Evangelical culture’s tendency toward martyrdom.”

Citizenship Confusion: David Barton’s Deception (or Ignorance)

“Barton is either very deceptive or incredibly ignorant, and in either case he is not a man that Christians should be relying on for a historical justification of their political movement.”

Citizenship Confusion: The SBC’s Richard Land and Charges of Politicizing Trayvon

“Calling attention to potential racial injustices and acknowledging our differences does not feed the racial fire, but dismissing and condemning such calls as ‘shameful’ and ‘exploitative’ does.”

Citizenship Confusion: Online Evangelism?

“How should we use the web to fulfill the Great Commission?”

Citizenship Confusion: The Trayvon Martin Gangsta Picture that the Media Doesn’t Want You to See?

PLEASE NOTE: most of the following pictures are NOT pictures of the Trayvon Martin who was tragically killed by George Zimmerman. If you linked to this article as evidence that Martin was a thug, you are part of the problem. Please read before commenting or link. Thanks.

Citizenship Confusion: iPods (iPhones) and Community

“Three years ago, I wrote an article entitled, ‘Compartmentalizing My World: iPods and Community.’ In it, I argue that Christians have an obligation to live actively and openly in community with those around us.”

Citizenship Confusion: When a U.S. Soldier Slaughters Civilians

“I worry that in distancing ourselves from this soldier’s actions, we too easily overlook the effects of warfare on our troops’ morality.”

Citizenship Confusion: John Piper and an Entertainment Addiction

“It’s not that Piper isn’t right to challenge our culture of perpetual entertainment, it’s that deciding what ‘entertainment’ is, and when it is ‘bad’ isn’t easy. If it were, Christ and Pop Culture wouldn’t be around.”

Citizenship Confusion: The Backlash against Obama’s Apology for the Koran Burning

“Justice in this situation involves apologizing for our negligence and actively seeking punishment for those who killed our troops.”

Citizenship Confusion: Dismissing our Opponents

“Dismissiveness implies that their perspective is so dumb that it is not worth your time to consider it.”