Mixed Signals: Amy’s Bakery Company Public Melt Down and the Purpose of PR

“Whatever the resolution, this is no PR success story.”

Mixed Signals: Nigella Lawson Refuses to Airbrush Her Curves for The Taste

Mixed Signals: Orange Juice Is Good But Not Omniscient

Mixed Signals: War Child PSA Turns Bullets into Crayons

Mixed Signals: Staged Brand Experiences or Building Blocks for Belonging?

Mixed Signals: Grey Poupon and Our Search for Validation

“The 2012 version may look less materialistic, but the root is the same: We still want to be considered the elite in society, whether that’s through owning a Rolls Royce or having the highest social media influence.”

Mixed Signals: Pole Dancing for Kids?

“Given what pole dancing represents, holding fitness classes for kids seems like an even worse idea than pole dancing for Christian women.”

Mixed Signals: The Price is Right! Right?

Marketers obviously know how to influence me. But I also admit that my internal spending matrix was constructed in U.S. society, heavily influenced by the spending values of our culture.

Mixed Signals: Nike Redefines Greatness

Nike was one that opted against paying the big bucks for exclusive sponsorship. It found another way to celebrate London though.

Mixed Signals: You Are Your Brand

When I am honest and forthright about who I am—my beliefs, my skills, my standards—then people know me and what I stand for.

Mixed Signals: Do Products Deliver the Simple Life We Crave?

“The real concern is that we begin to think that living a streamlined, simple life is as easy as buying a product.”

Mixed Signals: B-cycle Bike Sharing Checks American Dream Excesses

Interestingly enough, there are companies emerging that offer us the ability to share the things that we aren’t using every minute of every day.

Mixed Signals: Jedi Mind Tricks of Advertising Really Do Work

Truly good advertising works so well that people don’t even realize what hit them.

Mixed Signals: Your Life as a PR Campaign

“Instead of living life for the joy of living it, we set up moments that we can broadcast, making life more like a production to execute to an audience rather than a life to live to the full.”

Mixed Signals: McDonald’s, Photoshop, and Why We’re Lovin’ It

“We have long known what the advertising machine would churn out: images of uber-perfection to create an impossible reality from which we measure our happiness.”

Mixed Signals: What Your Facebook Likes Say about Jesus

“Liking a page is so easy, so simple, a click doesn’t feel like an important decision. It’s only Facebook, we think. But as Facebook’s marketing strength grows, we may need to be a bit more selective with the pages we choose to be associated with.”