Persuasion 109: The Pressure of Perfect Parenting

Do you ever feel the pressure of perfect parenting? In this episode, Erin and Hannah address the weight of parental guilt in its multi-faceted forms.

Persuasion 103: Doing the Safety Dance

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson attempt to sort out our society’s near obsession with being safe.

The CaPC Digest Episode 77: BBC Dad, Parenting, and Confessions with Val Dunham

Solidarity, BBC Dad

BBC Dad started that interview as an expert on Korean politics, but he ended it as Every Parent Ever.

The Kiddy Pool: Summertime, and the Livin’ Ain’t Easy

Reflecting on summer vacation prompts me to consider just how ordinary poverty is for so many of my neighbors, literal and figurative.

Happy Single Parent Day: The Dynamics of Parenting Alone

Single mothers may be both soft and strong for their kids, but that’s not the same thing as saying they are both mother and father.

The Kiddy Pool: Waiting for Dory

And Finding Dory is a film that celebrates Dory as the arrow who flies just as much as it celebrates her parents as the stable bow.

Reading ‘Ms. Marvel’ Made Me a Better Dad (No, Really)

When parenting gets hard, I want it to be my way or the highway.

LOL Interwebz: My Inauspicious Debut to Mommyblogging

Should I feel bad about letting Netflix babysit? I don’t know. Will you like me better if I do?

‘Sanjay’s Super Team’ and the Struggle of Passing on Faith to Our Kids

Pixar’s latest short is a knowing portrayal of how difficult it can be to teach a child the value of religious belief and practice.

Parenting Persons, Not Projects

When my worth as a person is determined by whether or not my son is on a forward trajectory toward achievement, I strip my son of the right to fail and still be valuable.

Fathers in Video Games: Seeing Ourselves on the Screen

What makes a good father? Surprisingly, video game narratives have a lot to say about the choices a father makes for the sake of society and his own family.

Listening Closer: St. Vincent, Sufjan, and the Mothers That Made Them

Through the music of St. Vincent and Sufjan Stevens, we might also come to appreciate our own parents—their successes, their failures, their sacrifices, their scars.

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood: A Primer on Detachment

In a film built on the relationship between the passage of time and the development of character, Mason’s hope lies in the understanding that the present is constant, always renewing itself.

The Kiddy Pool: Tiny Dancer

The decision-making process of enrolling my daughter in dance class reflected the tension of choosing and letting go.

CAPC Podcast #19 – Kids and Screen Time, The Hermeneutic of Suspicion