Jonathan flies solo this week with special guests Brad Williams and Kevin McLenithan for the 6th episode of The 25.

The nomination for the 7th spot on the 2016 Top 25 list is the small indie film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the TV shows Better Caul Saul and Making a Murderer.

One of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood and arguably the most anticipated movie release in 2015, Brad Williams argues the social reflection of Rey and Fin and BB8 as merits for inclusion on the 25.

Kevin bring Better Call Saul, Season 2 for it ability to make us look at characters that are not cut and dry good/evil. The ending is already known to anyone who has watched Breaking Bad and the journey we watch Jimmy McGill take to the persona of Saul Goodman is an exercise in spiritual discernment.

Jonathan argues for Making a Murderer and the rage it instills in its viewers for the flaws in the US criminal justice system as well as the human cost it instilled on the various victims portrayed.

Which of these 3 nominees will make it onto The 25 for 2016?