In our inaugural episode, we talk about the presidential primary elections and the crazy mayhem that has surrounded the build up to the Iowa Caucus. Social media, news network hype and dirty politics all come into the mix as we look at what Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and other hopefuls dish out in their race to the White House.

That Dragon, Cancer, a video game detailing the life and death of Joel Green is also up for nomination on #The25. A touching, autobiographical game telling the story of two parents and a family dealing with a child’s terminal brain cancer and their faith and doubts, we discuss if it will be a watershed moment for indie gaming.

Finally, me_IRL on Reddit is a unique and interesting place on the interwebz where people are posting highly personal memes that exhibit their inner fears and humor without fear of being shamed or made fun of. A softer side of the web is given its moment in the spotlight.

Christ and Pop Culture offers you #The25, a weekly discussion between staff and guests on the most important events in pop culture for the week. Many things are nominated, but only one is added to the #The25 at the end of the episode.


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