The CaPC team continues to build the Top 25 list of the good, beautiful and truthful found in pop culture for 2016. This week 3 nominations are vying for the #4 spot.

CaPC Managing Editor Tyler Glodjo nominates PC/PS4 Indie game The Witness from developer Jonathan Blow. On an island of nothing but puzzles and random audio recordings of quotes by philosophers, religious leaders and scientists there is a search for truth. How does this search for truth relate to the Christian faith and what does it teach us about our own journey for truth in the Scriptures?

Special Guest, Senior Staff Writer for Granite, Tyler Huckabee brings the latest “gospel” album from Kanye West, The Life of Pablo. Even though Kanye is a polarizing figure and the content on the latest album can be described as inappropriate, there is a naked emotion to Kanye West that comes through in this album. Combined with appearances from Kirk Franklin and other elements that show Kanye as a broken man searching for God, Tyler H. makes the case that the album is worthy of a spot on the list.

Finally, Jonathan Clauson brings another video game to the show, Firewatch. This page-turner thriller set in the 1980’s Pacific northwest mountains is a story of isolation, paranoia and more importantly a mirror for which the player can see themselves through a pre-defined character.

Which of these three nominations make it onto The 25?

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Tyler Huckabee – @TylerHuckabee