Thy Geekdom Come is graciously available free to Christ and Pop Culture members until September 27, 2019, from Mythos & Ink

All the authors who’ve ever written on the confluence of faith and fantasy are probably kicking themselves right now for not having come up with that great title themselves. And what’s inside this book of “fandom-inspired devotionals” is just as quirky, clever, and fun as the title. Written by a collection of 10 different authors who are all dedicated geeks, (including editors Alexander and Covel), Thy Geekdom Come offers a wealth of spiritual readings for the fan of fantasy/sci-fi movies, shows, games, books, and anime.

From The Lord of the Rings (“Addiction in Middle-Earth”) to Doctor Who (“The Unconditional Love of God and the Doctor”) to The Avengers (“The Red in Your Ledger”) and beyond, there are thought-provoking, culturally aware lessons for everyone. Faith and culture are brought together here in simple but striking and memorable ways.

Perhaps, for instance, you never thought to ask “Would You Baptize an Android?” But Kyle Rudge’s treatment of Data’s nature in Star Trek: The Next Generation offers a paradigm to help us reconsider how we think about both human rights and Christian practices. In these pages, we begin to see not just our pop culture heroes, but also our divine Hero, in a whole new light.

As Derek White, a.k.a., “The Geek Preacher,” writes in the foreword,

I believe the Bible is inspired by God in order to reveal the salvation we find in Jesus Christ. However, this doesn’t mean I cannot find echoes of that salvation story within the broader culture. One of the beauties of being a geek and a Christian is seeking out God’s truth in stories from TV shows, movies, music, and all types of other media. In connecting the biblical stories to the tales found within popular culture, we may see them in a new light or link our own experiences to the biblical characters’. This opens doors for us to help others find Jesus in all of the world’s stories.

Thy Geekdom Come creatively and practically shows us just how to start doing that.

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