For the final installment of Persuasion’s Never Seen series, we turn to the mega blockbuster Titanic. This 1997 film won award and hearts, with viewers returning to watch the budding yet ill-fated romance of Rose and Jack aboard the R.M.S. Titanic. Everything about this film was big: the stars, the costumes, the ship, and the budget. Most of all, it was a film that drew viewers across generations and sexes—young and old, men and women were all impressed by the moving love story as well as the traumatic, disastrous end.

In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson wrap their Never Seen series with a thorough discussion of Titanic—a film on Hannah’s Never Seen list and one that Erin saw on the big screen almost 22 years ago. They offer gut reactions and hot takes as they peel apart this story that oozes with class divides and stereotypes. Class divisions were much more sturdy in 1912, when first-class society didn’t mix and mingle with those outside the fold. Such closed systems breed all manner of refined snootiness. Although class divides aren’t as externally obvious today, we still struggle to relate easily with those outside our own circles, whether those circles are drawn around income, education, faith, politics, or values. Titanic shows us that in the end, we all face the same fate; we are much more alike than we care to admit. Does Titanic deserve all the hype? Is this a historical film or is it more of a romance in a historical setting? Could Jack have fit on that floating door with Rose? Listen in for dialogue on issues like these, and continue the conversation on Twitter @PersuasionCAPC or in the CAPC members-only community on Facebook.


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