Professor Jessica Hooten Wilson is joined by Joy Clarkson to discuss Eugene Vodolazkin’s novel, Laurus. Together they discuss the themes of trauma, imitation of Christ, and living as a Holy fool.

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Jessica Hooten Wilson is a Senior Fellow at Trinity Forum, the inaugural Visiting Scholar of Liberal Arts at Pepperdine University, and the author of several books, including The Scandal of Holiness: Renewing Your Imagination in the Company of Literary SaintsLearning the Good Life: From the Great Hearts and Minds that Came Before, and Giving the Devil his Due: Flannery O’Connor and The Brothers Karamazov.

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Joy Clarkson is a doctoral candidate in theology at St. Andrews University, researching the ways art can be used to prepare ourselves for a good death. She hosts a weekly podcast that aims to give people an arsenal of good stories, music, and images with which they can courageously, wisely, and beautifully navigate life.

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