After watching The Event, I think I’m hooked, at least for a few more episodes. The story seemed simple but intriguing, and while the big supernatural reveal at the end was a bit hokey for my taste, it accomplished its objective of making me wonder what on earth is going on. The parts leading up to it made me feel as if it all mattered.

For me, what separates The Event from every Lost clone is its deliberate reference to all sorts of modern day paranoia. While Lost utilized our various emotional and psychological neuroses, it seems like The Event is trying to call attention to our struggles with security and trust in our own government. Others have called it tasteless, but I think it very well could be necessary.

The plot leaves all sorts of possibilities open in terms of what the show will say about government, security, and paranoia. Personally, I hope the show focuses less on the big picture and more on what the big picture is doing to the characters. The less the show spells things out for us, the better.