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Well, isn’t this just precious: David Jaffe, creator of the Twisted Metal series among other things, freaks out about art games.

Why aren’t there more female characters in games? Mystery Solved!

Personally, I think this is an amazing idea.

Marvin Olasky on how Glenn Beck believes that man can rule himself.

A personal plug here for my husband’s annual compilation of the top 100 things Twitterers say they’re giving up for Lent. The top celebrity being given up this year is–no surprise–Charlie Sheen.

Makoto Fujimura (Founder of International Arts Movement, Artist – Four Holy Gospels Project) responds to the crisis in Japan.

This little article from Think Christian will help you think about how we might pray and support the relief efforts in Japan.

Want to help people in Japan? Here are 5 options.

Matthew Lee Anderson asks “Was Martin Bashir Unusually Harsh on Rob Bell?

Brent Thomas review’s Josh T. Pearson’s Last of the Country Gentleman and asks how Christians might benefit from art with uncomfortable or even questionable elements–an excellent read on both counts.

Russel Moore writes on What Evangelicals can learn from St. Patrick.

In lieu of March Madness, Slate reminds us to stop claiming that the tourney costs U.S. businesses $3.8 billion in revenue due to losses in productivity.

Kirk Hamilton and Leigh Alexander have published parts 1 and 2 of their discussions on FFVII during the former’s first playthrough and a recent replay by the latter. If you have played FFVII you will find these thoroughly enjoyable as well as helpful toward appreciating the brilliance of that game.

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  1. @Rich. I don’t know that I’d call that a freak-out. Also, he’s right and most of what’s getting billed as “art” in games is just veneer. Also, that he’s producing Twisted Metal bears no relevance to his point because he doesn’t claim that Twisted Metal is art nor that it raises the bar of maturity in game products. Also, the degree of condescension you level at Jaffe here is precious and leads one to think that he strikes too close to home in his comments about critics.

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