‘Go the **** to Sleep’ and the Backlash against ‘Perfect’ Parenting

Guest writer Erin Wyble Newcomb explains why the obscenely popular picture book doesn’t hold a candle to William Carlos Williams.

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“It really is just a constant grind. But what a delightful grind it is!”

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Is New York’s Gay Marriage Law the Death of Marriage?

The American Church could use some perspective.

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When Games Matter: Words With Friends and My Mom

” … I think I will be playing Words with Friends against my mom for a while now.”

The Search for Meaning in ‘Helplessness Blues’

Are you a unique snowflake or a cog in a machine? Luke Larsen considers the Fleet Foxes’ new album, Helpless Blues.

Cars 2: Mater’s Cultural Ignorance Is Not Okay For You

Oh, Mater. What are we going to do with you?

Grace Notes: Minikon, Eric Painter, The Caretaker

” . . . as Minikon puts it, imagine if ‘My Bloody Valentine wrote soundtracks for the Nintendo Entertainment System'”

Mixed Signals: Learning Lifestyle Evangelism from Panera

“What I see and hear in the ad is what I get when I personally interact with the brand. Authenticity is crucial for brand trust and acceptance.”

Elsewhere: Ebert, Quiet Films, Turntable.fm, Rob Lowe, and Banjo!

We share our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet. And Rob Lowe plays air banjo.

Can Your Exercise Dishonor God?

“How do we define a healthy rhythm of exercise?”

Play in Process: Kinect and Self Image

“Most Kinect games force you to play in a vacuum, with only yourself on the screen. There is a name for this: navel gazing.”

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 3: In The Beginning

Genesis, imago dei, the “Cultural Mandate,” and the Fall all figure in to Crouch’s study of Culture Making.

Music at Mars Hill: Is Our Love Skinny?

“From what I’ve heard of Bon Iver’s newest album, his sound is coming from a fuller and heavier emotional place.”

Know Your Limitations: the Great and Not So Great Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart’s recent interview on Fox News begs the question: should he stick to comedy?