The Swell Season tells us the true story about Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova’s relationship, even if it’s not the story we want to see. 

After Jackass star Ryan Dunn was killed in a car accident, Roger Ebert tweeted “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive”, with the result being quite a bit of vitriol directed at the director. Read Ebert’s response to the criticism.

Facebook is working with various music services, including Spotify, to provide an online dashboard to stream, recommend, and share music.

Jim Redner, the PR guy for Duke Nukem Forever who tweeted his displeasure about the negative responses to the game, and who subsequently lost his contract with 2K Games (the maker of Duke Nukem Forever), tells his side of the story.

Eric Tonjes reviews Rob Bell’s Love Wins: “Unlike many, the thing that troubles me about Love Wins is not its conclusions… What made the book so hard for me to read was its total lack of respect and honesty.”

Guys, check out Drew’s awesome article for Relevant about Portal, videogames, and life!

Here’s a great round-up of a great event, including words from Al Gore about videogames: The State of Games for Social Good in 2011.

Chase Livingston interviewed the guy who wrote the satirical take on Rob Bell’s latest called, Love Wins.

E3 = Embarrasing but hilarious.

The Curator wrote a defense of the quiet film.

Dads are the original hipsters.

This might as well be a regular feature – my favorite recent Kill Screen stories:
Hoarding, Happiness and Heartbreak – a tragedy set in the World of Warcraft.
Pride and its Dark Side – maybe we play games because we want to feel like crap?

At this point it would probably be good to watch Rob Lowe play some air banjo.

So this is a really great community-oriented way to listen to music. I have been frequenting and enjoying the Bored Again Revival Station (if you are or were ever a fan of the Bored Again Christian Podcast, you will love this!).

Given that I recenly wrote on the Disney Princess movies, you should checkout this CT article in a similar vein from Owen Strachan.