When Games Matter: Child of Eden and Sharing the Single Player Experience

“Most of the time Nathan and I play competitive Halo matches shooting people and blowing stuff up … It was a nice change of pace to take turns cultivating a better game world rather than destroying it.”

Citizenship Confusion: Illegal Immigration and the SBC

The SBC urges the government to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigration and Alan considers how this political stance represents a proper ordering of our allegiances.

Disney Princesses: My Daughter Deserves Better

I found out I was having a daughter, and it opened my eyes to the implications of Disney’s female role-models.

Mixed Signals: The Ad Made Me Do It

“There’s no way to avoid the intake of the world’s messaging in regard to products . . . . But each time we take those messages and run them through the filter of God’s Word, we strengthen our brain to stand firm in what is really true.”

Elsewhere: Lebron, E3, Duke Nukem, evolutionary psychology, etc.

We share our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet.

Play in Process: 1000 Heroz

“The game has the potential to be truly interesting going forward.”

The Vampire Defanged: An Interview with Susannah Clements

Why is our culture fascinated with vampires, and how has that fascination changed over time?

Instant Watching: The Baxter

“Whatever happens to the stranded groom-to-be in romantic comedies whose fiancee leaves him at the altar for another man?”

Music at Mars Hill: What’s “Written in the Stars”

“The strange dichotomy represented in the song is telling of a few things about the culture in which we live.”

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 2: Worldviews and Cultural Change

Jason Morehead explores one of the seminal books about the interaction between Christianity and culture.

When Games Matter: “The Equalizer”

“It wasn’t to be, but we won’t soon forget the equalizer and the determination with which we played to get it.”

What Do Christians Want From Lebron James?

It seems that everyone has been reveling in Lebron’s defeat. Ben Bartlett would like to challenge that notion.

Citizenship Confusion: “The Kill Team” and the Overlooked Costs of War

“As citizens, it can be easy for us to write off the costs we had to pay in wars since 9/11, especially the spiritual costs.”

The Importance of Story in Super 8

Super 8 can mesh with Christian ideas about how we can communicated truth through story.

Mixed Signals: Revamping the Obama Brand

“Our consumerist mentality at the polls converts the voting booth to a retail counter where we purchase the product that offers the benefits we desire.”

Elsewhere: Romance and Young Adult Novels, Human Centipede II, Settlers of Catan, etc.

We share our favorite pop culture finds from across the internet – it’s good for you.