Each week in Play in Process, Richard Clark shares what he’s been playing and why it matters.

Recently, the people who brought you Trials released an app for the iPhone and iPad called 1000 Heroz. The game mechanic is much like their previous games: drive across a side-scrolling level, avoiding physics based obstacles and using momentum to get the best possible time. Instead of driving vehicles, you play as various people, running full speed and able only to jump.

The clever twist is evident in the name: this game contains 1000 Heroes for you to play as, with one new hero being unveiled and playable each day. So, for the next 3 years or so, this game will be unveiling new characters and new levels to try out. You have one day to take part in the “competition” and claim a spot on the leaderboard. If you get a good enough time, you unlock their “relic”, which is basically some jokey decoration and nothing more. Still, I enjoy the anticipation of racing to get the relic once a new hero is unlocked. It’s like a skill-based daily crossword.

The game has the potential to be truly interesting going forward. It’s started off in the caveman era, presenting various cavemen and women as heroes – eventually it will move into other, more progressive time frames. It’ll be fun to see this one through, and it very well may be my longest played game ever, assuming I can keep it up.