Kotaku has an interesting article about Christian game developers.

Think Christian on the real problem with Transformers.

Can games be spiritual experiences?  

Don’t know if you heard, but Netflix made the world end this week. Here’s an even-handed article about it by Ian Bogost.

Former CaPC writer, Chase Livingston has been hosting a “grief week” over at his own blog, with some great stuff there. Two of the entries are from CaPC writers.

J. K. Rowling “came clean” about the Christian imagery in Harry Potter.

Last weekend, I used technology to get all kinds of productive, with the help of this excellent blog post.

Karen Swallow Prior advocates a stance of both affirmation (of persons struggling with homosexuality) and antithesis (of homosexuality), calling Christians to be more proactive at doing the former.

Brett McCracken says farewell to “the best show on tv.”

Bill Simmons and the gang provide an intriguing oral history on Friday Night Lights.

Question: Which is more exciting? Harry Potter, or what comes before Harry Potter?

Over at one of the most under-appreciated film sites on the internet (Filmwell), Lauren Wilford reviews Midnight in Paris, pointing out its “nostalgia for the present.”