An Open Letter to Facebook

Facebook, we need to talk.

When Games Matter: Bastion, History, and Learning from Our Mistakes

“… but changing history cannot actually make the world a better place–to do that you must change the hearts and minds of the people who inhabit it.”

Rick Perry: The Response of a Confident Man

Rick Perry’s solid faith presents Christians with a fascinating set of opportunities and problems.

Citizenship Confusion: Christian Ethics in Air Force Training and the Authority of the Bible

“If the State cannot allow itself to be judged by God’s Word, it is very dangerous for it to evoke God’s Word.”

The Kiddy Pool: It Ain’t Easy

“Sure, some parents hit their stride right away, fall instantly in love with their babies, and seem to thrive on sleep deprivation and dirty diapers. Not me.”

The Return of Rebecca Black and the Christian Response

Rebecca Black is more than just a one-meme wonder. What does that shocking truth mean for us?

Grace Notes: Sam Billen, Talik

Sam Billen crafts quirky-yet-affecting indie/electronic pop and Talik’s beat-laced atmospherica is perfect for lazy summer evenings.

Mixed Signals: The Starbucks Treat Mentality

“. . . history shows that today’s treat will become tomorrow’s necessity.”

What Memes Mean: “Jesus Is A Friend”, That Guy, and Bad Art

“Christian charity and kindness doesn’t mean we overlook bad ideas or bad art, even among the fold.”

Elsewhere: Nascar Prayer Guy, Guilty Pleasures, Jeff Goldblum

You needn’t be ashamed to enjoy these various links we found on the internet.

The Moviegoer: How Captain America Does Patriotism Right

“Captain America avoids straw-man enemies, nationalism, and celebration of independent self-reliance.”

Dealing with the Debt Ceiling Disaster

Sometimes the answers to the world’s biggest problems are right in front of us.

Music at Mars Hill: Derek Webb’s Vision of Worshipful Art

“I don’t know if Feedback has revolutionized the Christian music industry, but it certainly has poked some holes in its surface and offered a drastically different direction for Christian art.”

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 6: Will there be iPods in Heaven?

The stuff we call “distraction” may last longer than you think. A lot longer.

When Games Matter: The Imaginative World of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

“I no longer possess the vivid imagination I had as a child, but games like ITSP help me keep from losing it altogether.”

On the Other Hand: Ethics, Ethics, Everywhere!

“Politicians are in the limelight, but almost without exception each of us has opportunity to cause good or harm in the life spheres we occupy.”