God in the basement of the Empire State Building: Andrew Marantz of New York Times Magazine takes an inside look King’s College–a conservative Christian college in the heart of Manhattan.“Minecon” a conference dedicated to Minecraft to be held in Las Vegas.

William Thornton says many Christians’ reaction to the “Nascar prayer guy” did not fit his crime.

Defending the faith is easier than you might think.

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Alan Jacobs explains why you needn’t be ashamed if you can’t make kids/college students love reading.

If you remember that videogame from a while back, Bayonetta, you may find this article as fascinating as I did.

SHAMELESS PLUG: I reviewed Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. It makes you feel lonely, and you should buy it.

Jorge Albor discusses how recent Xbox Live Arcade game, From Dust, reflects the human/divine divide.

This article about the Christian Game Developers Convention made me feel a lot better about the whole thing.

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