The Televangelist: A Case for the Idiot Box

“Channel surfing is … dangerous, it’s inefficient, and it results in your watching things merely to pass the time rather than redeem it.”

Sacred Space: The Preacher and Popular Culture

“How do we make certain that we aren’t giving Jesus a make-over to look like us? We have to look for timeless, historical, and biblical ways to worship together.”

Elsewhere: Robertson “Clarifies”, Bell Goes to Hollywood, Dogs Surf

This week’s Elsewhere will make you laugh, cry and yell with your fist shaking in the air, “SUUURRRF DOOOGGGG!!

Mixed Signals: New from Ikea: A Nursery for Men

“[M]any messages in the marketplace today speak highly of women by way of demeaning men.”

The Moviegoer: “Moneyball” and the Art of Reinvention

“Moneyball reminds us that reinventing one’s self is less a mathematical formula than an art form—more about creating a life constituted by beautiful purposes, and less about bottom-line winners and losers.”

Music at Mars Hill: The Emotional Contradictions Behind Strange Mercy

“St. Vincent’s album is a reminder of the contradictions that exist within myself that shape my understanding of God and the world around me.”

What Memes Mean: So Facebook Changed Everything (Again)

“So why all the incessant complaining? More lessons in human nature, I guess.”

Making Sense of “Culture Making”, Part 10: Grace & Some Final Thoughts

Jason Morehead finishes out his five month long exploration of Andy Crouch’s Culture Making.

When Games Matter: Kinect, Community, Ninjas, and Fruit

“Cultivating community takes many shapes–I never would have thought it would involve furiously chopping digital fruits.”

Watching Politics From the Pew: Ugly Debate Crowds

“Your cheers betray the hatred in your hearts and the poison in your minds.”

I Don’t Know How She Does It: The Danger of Self-Directed Parenting

The new Sarah Jessica Parker movie presents us with a self-centered view of motherhood.

The Kiddy Pool: The Face of Food

“I’m not opposed to meat consumption on principle, but I think we are doing ourselves and our progeny a disservice to pretend meat wasn’t once an animal”

Scientific Advance, Art, and Horsing Around With Humanity

The arts and sciences are advancing virtually unchecked, and redefining the concept of humanity as they go.

Grace Notes: Jay Tholen, Mount Eerie

Jay Tholen offers more Gospel chiptune and Mount Eerie contemplates mankind’s fragile existence.

Elsewhere: Netflix is Sorryish, Elevation starts a Conversation, PETA and Porn, and Seinfeld the Oracle of Facebook

Another fine collection of links, articles, videos, bizarreness, and stuff about video “games.”

Mixed Signals: One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Billboard

“God makes all things new”