Pat Robertson says he was “misinterpreted” when he said that a man ought to divorce his Alzheimer’s-stricken wife. Russell D. Moore responds to Robertson’s response.

How Doctor Who Became My Religion

DC Comics recently “sexed up” a character named Starfire, and author Michele Lee asked her seven-year-old daughter — a big fan of Starfire — what she thought of the changes.

This is the most confounding headline you will read in a while: ABC But Spiritual Drama From ‘Lost’ Exec Carlton Cuse and Pastor Rob Bell.

Uhm, if you’re interested in one of Alec Baldwin’s more risque skits on Saturday Night Live, you might find this interesting: Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls and Scatological Humor.

How do you spell the signature sounds we hear in our favorite video games? Here’s how.

Our own Drew Dixon wrote a stellar article over at Relevant about El Shaddai and how videogames treat the subject of the nature of God. If you missed our interview about the game a while back, you can read that here.

Netflix would like to apologize for the inadvertent apocalypse.

Here is today’s must-see slideshow. Trust me. Do it. Now.

Finally, a personal request: would you like to give some money to a family who needs it? I bet you might.