Kim Jong Il is dead. Of course I could pay lip service to high-minded Christian ideals; how we wish for redemption in all circumstances, how you never know what a person said on his deathbed, how only God can judge his last few moments. But I don’t really feel that way.

After all, this was a man responsible for more death, destruction, starvation, and wasted lives than perhaps any other on earth. His maniacal cult of personality was crazy enough to amuse us, but we too often forget that it put a goofy mask over the face of a demon. Unnumbered masses lived lives of utter destitution so that he could spend his days worshipping himself.

God is the judge. But there is no need to be tentative about God’s feelings on this. Kim Jong Il delved more deeply into everything God hates than most of humanity will ever have the opportunity to do, and he seemed to enjoy himself all the while. God hates sin, and God fulfills promises. We can be sure that His justice will be satisfied.

I am saddened by sin and by suffering. But I do not attempt to be saddened by the death of Kim Jong Il. Instead, I simply hope that his life proclaims the empty and disgusting places that sin can take us and pray that people will turn away from it to pursue salvation from the only true Great Leader.