Sacred Space: Robert Schuller’s Glass House

“The power of positive thinking has shattered on the altar of Schuller’s church like so much crystal.”

Not Fit for Dinner: The Faith Policy of Rick Santorum

“Santorum’s faith may be sound, but sound faith does not guarantee sound reason in foreign policy.”

The Moviegoer: After the Final Kill — A Special Episode of “The Hunger Games”

“I can’t help but wonder if ‘Games’ has its enthusiasts due to a deep-seated preference for the celebrity over the martyr.”

Eat Your Vegetables: “Badlands” (Malick, 1973)

“The movie about a young spree-killer and his ‘along for the ride’ girl gives us a way to think about how we relate to creatures who can’t overtly communicate.”

Mixed Signals: Sanctify Your Easter Bunny Basket with a Chocolate Cross

“Christianized Easter kitsch is not produced so that we might have a more meaningful Resurrection Sunday.”

What Memes Mean: #KONY2012 Pt. 2 or What Happened to Jason Russell?

“Why do so many people hate #KONY2012, Jason Russell, and Invisible Children so much?”

Music at Mars Hill: Who Are the Tastemakers Today?

“Digital media and social networking have enabled us all to have a voice in what our culture is made up of.”

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Christian Silence & the Need for Radical Grace

The gospel calls us to an incredible responsibility: responding to horrific injustices with love.

The Minority Report: An Apology for the Other Trayvon Martin

“If I were feeling spiteful, I could go flip through my small pool of Facebook friends and find dozens of white middle class teenagers and college students giving the finger or worse. If a decision to let someone take a picture of you doing something foolish is an indication of a person’s worth, we are all in grave danger.”

God and Country Music: Purity & Party in Nashville

“. . . both moralism and lawlessness occupy the same airwaves, reaching the same people.”

The 2012 CaPC Theology Hoops Tourney Sweet 16 Recap

“Let us have the education of people until they are 22, and you may have them thereafter.”

Books Besides the Bible: Was Battle Royale the Original Hunger Games?

“Takami’s and Collins’s books are both indictments of the complacency necessary to create a culture in which children are regularly murdered and nothing is done to stop it.”

The Kiddy Pool: Thank You for Being a Friend

“To me, it rings false to pretend that we relate to and like everyone the same amount; it seems natural to prefer the company of some over the company of others.”

Citizenship Confusion: The Trayvon Martin Gangsta Picture that the Media Doesn’t Want You to See?

PLEASE NOTE: most of the following pictures are NOT pictures of the Trayvon Martin who was tragically killed by George Zimmerman. If you linked to this article as evidence that Martin was a thug, you are part of the problem. Please read before commenting or link. Thanks.

‘The Hunger Games,’ the Movie, and the Problem of Film Violence

How do you portray teens fighting to the death without reinforcing the problems The Hunger Games warns against?

The Televangelist: The Man in the Booth Wants to Make You a Deal

“The Booth at the End uses a ‘less is more’ approach and a healthy dollop of ambiguity to craft an intricate morality play.”