Christianity in Civilization V?

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Richard Clark meditates on a recent loss, Christmas miracles, and the real meaning of the season.

What am I cheering for when Anonymous takes on Westboro Baptist Church?

What do I want more, to see Westboro humiliated and receiving their (richly deserved) comeuppance? Or to see them repenting of their hatred and becoming a true church that displays the love and grace of Christ?

Filmwell’s “Favored TV Moments of 2012”

As a companion piece of sorts to CaPC’s own list of favorite television shows from the last year, check out this list of “favored TV moments” by my Filmwell colleague M. Leary.

Will My Son Be Black Enough for Rob Parker?

Why is a German Mennonite mom like me ready to slug a sports analyst?

Christmas in Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Is Sandy Hook a Sign that We need a Christian Culture? Or a Savior?

I’m not sure it’s helpful to use tragedies like Sandy Hook as examples of what happens when a country abandons God.

How do you Choose Public Policy? Sandy Hook, Gun Control, and Pragmatism

I worry that we don’t support policies based on how they will bless us and our neighbors, but rather, on how they fit with our prior political commitments.

Gossiping About a Mass Murderer

The news media’s coverage of awful events like the Newtown shootings has often felt more like gossip than anything resembling actual journalism.

The Deeper Meaning Behind Our Favorite Christmas Carols

Christ and Pop Culture writers share their reflections on their favorite Christmas carols, and how, all kitsch and schmaltz aside, they bring meaning to the holiday every year.

Wouldn’t it Be Nice? The Twisted Fantasy of Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young’

The Moviegoer: Gangsters, Imposters, Motors, and other Awards Season Notes

Dorian Gray on Drugs

Kathy Redmond’s Story is One of Justice, Forgiveness, and Cornhusker Football

Traditions are good things, but they are not ultimate things, and in our pursuit to praise them, we must be careful lest we turn a blind eye to wickedness.

Can We Solve the Unemployment Crisis by Working Less?

Brace Yourself: ‘Tis the Season for Year-end Lists

Indeed, there are so many year-end lists that sometimes, it can be rather daunting to figure out which lists to look at, or where to even begin looking.