As a companion piece of sorts to CaPC’s own list of favorite television shows from the last year, check out this list of “favored TV moments” by my Filmwell colleague M. Leary. As the title implies, it’s less a rundown of favorite shows, and more reflections on specific moments within those shows, including: Doctor Who‘s “impossible astronaut”; Community‘s “Digital Estate Planning”; and the opening credits of “Game of Thrones”, which, as Leary puts it, “is a pitch perfect representation of the way I learned the basic principles of history through Risk, Axis and Allies, Shogun, and all those cardboard dice game maps across which game pieces shifted, accumulated, and vanished.”

As someone who finds the vast majority of sports media and commentary tedious, repetitive, and boring — the fact that I’m not a sports fan may have something to do with what, I admit — I’m glad he included Mark Cuban’s excoriation of Skip Bayless. Cuban hit on every single beef I have with sports coverage, while presenting a model of what cogent — and, to a non-fan — interesting sports commentary might look like.