Radical Face’s Welcome Home, Musical Affect, and the Spirit

Maybe these spheres of emotion – the brain, the body, the mind – find their own home in a theological truth: the image of God.

LOL Interwebz: The Great WorldVision War, the Battle of Noah, and the Rise of Mob Justice

It’s not enough to disagree with people anymore, and it’s not enough to explain that disagreement clearly and sincerely. We have to assume the worst of each other. We have to demand blood.

“God’s Not Dead” and the Angry Atheist Professor: That Was Not My Experience

I’m concerned that God’s Not Dead perpetuates a false stereotype: that of the bully atheist philosophy professor who is out to destroy every Christian student’s faith.

Must Music Be Authentic? Roger, Wilco.

My wife can’t stop singing “All Of Me” and I can’t remember college without hearing N.W.A. pumping out from every other dorm room. Who’s the hypocrite now?

Holy Relics: The Church Pew

Our ecclesiology is written into the church pew.

CAPC Podcast #28 – Normcore, South Korean Ferry Tragedy, Rob Bell Hates Mutants

Mad Men: For the Love of the Work

Don and Peggy and Pete are realizing that the agency was their great love, and now the agency’s feeling the seven-year itch.

10 Summer Movies Every Christian Needs to Know About

Here are ten of the most anticipated movies hitting theaters this summer and a few themes to look out for.

The Kiddy Pool: An Easter People

We might find a yard scattered with candy-filled eggs and we might find an empty tomb. Neither one can fill us or satisfy us like the Resurrected Christ

Leaving the Mommy Wars for Something More: An Interview with Hannah Anderson

Made for More is not a call to do more but a call to discover that we already are more.

Ubisoft’s Child of Light: And the Darkness Understood It Not

Ubisoft’s newest Child of Light trailer reveals an underlying foundation of a distinctly religious narrative.

Is There a Rob Bell Reference in the New X-Men Movie?

If Prophet does make an appearance in Days of Future Past, it’s likely to raise a number of questions regarding the church’s use of political clout to dictate public policy.

Reconsidering the Gun Raffle: A Talk with “2nd Amendment Celebration” Pastor, Chuck McAlister

McAlister feels that his calling is deeply rooted in the needs of a particular population, and we must not, in our eagerness to condemn one pastor’s tactics, overlook the necessity of concern for them as well.

9 Things to Keep in Mind About The Last Episode of Mad Men

Our resident Mad Men recapper, Alissa Wilkinson, has some more thoughts.

One Year Later: The Boston Marathon and Our Own Marathons

Triumph and tragedy may mark our days, but we have a prize we are running for, and nothing can take that from us.

CAPC Podcast #27 – Boston Bombing Anniversary, Rivaling an LGBT Special Day, Poptimism