Some Nice Things That Cool People are Saying about Christ and Pop Culture

We asked some people to tell you why you should support Christ and Pop Culture, and the stuff they wrote in response was incredibly nice. Here are just a few of the responses.

CAPC Podcast #31 – CAPC Membership, Privileged Gaming, Ronald McDonald Re-Brand

Lord Willing: The Future of Christ and Pop Culture and Your Place In It

Christ and Pop Culture Memberships are a unique opportunity for you to become a crucial and invested part of this outlet by directly supporting our work.

Incognito Racist: The “Sterling” in Our Pews

Men and women with views like Donald Sterling’s could be in the courtrooms, doctor’s office, classrooms and even in our pews.

Marquez, Vamp, and Me – Metal Gear Solid and the Supernatural

Marquez’s writings help us understand that literary and gaming stories reflect a universal truth: our physical world is inhabited by a supernatural God who takes an active interest in our own stories.

The Kiddy Pool: The First Sleepover

I didn’t expect my child’s first sleepover to be such a major milestone, but it felt as significant as that first time sleeping through the night.

Shared Truths: How Facebook Affirms Our Humanity

Humanity always bleeds through, even online.

The Tiny House Movement: Where Two or Three May Gather

The Tiny House movement runs counter to the experience of living in America, where the typical building is entirely out of scale with actual human beings.

Atari’s Buried Treasure: Uncovering Failure in a New Mexico Landfill

This past Saturday, the company documented its attempt to uncover the trove of gaming history, and as proof that all hidden sins eventually come to light, Atari’s legendary trove was found and unearthed for all to see.

CAPC Podcast #30 – Atari Dig, Paternity Leave, Dressing Up for Church

Quantum Superposition and Original Sin: How BioShock Begins and Infinite Ends

The premise of BioShock, and the premise of humanity, is what Paul reminded the Romans: “None is righteous, no, not one (Romans 3:10).”

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 2 of Mad Men

Our resident Mad Men recapper, Alissa Wilkinson, has some more thoughts.

The Gosnell Movie’s Real Battle

The project isn’t a battle for screen time, but for values that make the story worth telling.

The Power of Habit: Picking up Where Paul Left Off

Because Paul doesn’t exactly lay out how to put off and put on, we should welcome the insights from someone who does.

CAPC Podcast #29 – Doug Wilson Misdefines Rape Victims, 2nd Amendment Evangelism, Amazon-HBO Partnership

When Your Calling Falls Through: A Theology of Place

When you are so certain about God’s calling on your life, what should you do when such things do not come to pass?