The Problem with the “Day of Dialogue”

By refusing to participate in the Day of Silence and instead calling for a day of their own, Focus on Family have reinforced the perception that they have joined the ranks of those who refuse to listen and missed a real opportunity to demonstrate Christ-likeness.

Zac Efron, Shirtless Men, and Sexism

Most Christians acknowledge the principle of human dignity, but miss the subtle manner it’s violated in the objectification of a human being—male or female.

A Body among Bodies

Deformity and the Church

LOL Interwebz: Loving Your Neighbor on Facebook

How do we obey the age-old command to love your neighbor as yourself when the Internet is wholly restructuring the economic relationship that we have with our neighbor?

Dubious Depictions of Faithfulness in ‘God’s Not Dead’

The cross Christians are called to take up by ‘God’s Not Dead’ is more akin to a merit badge, a gold star on a class assignment.

CAPC Podcast #26 – Predicting Mad Men, Kim Kardashian, Homeless Jesus Statue

Inside the Octagon of the Human Heart

If I turn my back on combat sports, I’ll miss out on an anchor of family identity and a good connection to the godly men and women in my life.

Holy Relics: A Youth Group Lock-In Flashlight

Where were you when the youth pastor announced the lock-in,

and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

KFC’s Chicken Corsage: The Zeitgeist Roosts on Your Wrist

The KFC chicken corsage stunt underscores just how mainstream absurdity has become.

Mad Men: The Don of Time

Whatever this is the “start” of, we’d better be paying attention.

How Christians Should Respond to Heaven Is for Real

Yes, we can develop our theology of heaven from a book. No, that book is not Heaven is for Real.

Keller, Culture, and CAPC

Keller provides resources that well articulate the ideals we strive for in our model of reading culture through the lens of Christ – one lens among many.

The Kiddy Pool: Birthday Fatigue

At birthday parties, kids want to binge on fun and the parents want to binge on memory.

Dead in My Flesh: Dark Souls II and Living under the Law

While a game that glorifies death might seem masochistic and unapproachable, it is a strong reflection of the impossibility and isolation of attempting to live under the law without grace.

CAPC Podcast #25 – The “Jesus’ Wife” Text, The Cult of Virginity, Predatory Pic Sharing

Stephen Colbert: Man, Myth, or Gimmick?

How does one maintain a healthy sense of self while committing so thoroughly to the creation of somebody else?