Farewell Evangelicalism? Not So Fast

Post-evangelicals are still operating within evangelical paradigms.

Saintseneca’s Dark Arc: Stripping Off the World’s Varnish

You rip your shirt off, raise your arms and run, but as if trying to escape something dreadful.

Jon Stewart Has a Word for Haters of Noah

Stewart’s satire makes at least one valid point: not everyone who professes Christianity—or works for Fox News—knows the Bible as well as they think they do.

CAPC Podcast #24 – Losing Our Generation? A Discussion with Dan Darling of the ERLC

Dead Space and Approximate Eschatology

The apocalypse isn’t about Isaac Clarke or a militant dictator or a fanatical religious cult. It’s a display of the glory of God by way of His intersection with the imperfect.

This Is Not Your Grandma’s Divorce: Conscious Uncoupling

We take time and effort to break up intentionally, but we’re still alright with “falling in love.”

If We Live in the Future, Why Do We Dress Like the Past?

If the past has nothing to offer us other than dire examples of how to ruin everything then why are we trying to relive it through our wardrobes?

LOL Interwebz: A Magic The Gathering Tournament and a Tour of Ill-Fitting Pants

All clandestinely taken nude pics, whether they’re sexy or silly, treat an ensouled being like a piece of meat—like something of no more consequence than any other random jumble of molecules.

Dating’s Inherent Risk: Is it Possible to Avoid Heartbreak?

The question we must each answer for ourselves is: “Should we avoid vulnerability until marriage in order to avoid heartbreak?”

Holy Relics: Christian Email Sign-Offs

Part of identifying with a faith such as ours is an acceptance of the idiom, of all the community’s idiosyncratic terms and symbols.

CAPC Podcast #23 – Cash, Cobain, Bush

‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’: A Bluegrass Film about Broken Humanity

‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’ will challenge you to consider how your own beliefs will come into play when you face suffering.

“After-Birth Abortion”: Even More Absurd Than You Thought

We can safely call the infanticide arguments from Giubilini, Minerva, Tooley, and Singer what we’ve known them to be all along: immoral nonsense that needs to stop.

CAPC Podcast #22 – Mobile Spirituality, Celebrity Christian Conference Culture, Jesus Action Movie Parody

Making the Case for Makeup: In Which Calvin Defends Lip-Gloss

The application of makeup or the styling of hair can be performed along the grain of creation.

The Disappearance of Mozilla’s CEO: A Reminder of the Need for Tough, Expensive Grace

The Eich controversy is a firm reminder of the necessity for tough, expensive grace in our lives, relationships, and conversations, especially when it comes to such heated issues as gay marriage and LGBT rights.