We’re in the midst of a Membership Drive, and we’re asking you to consider ways you can help. 

That’s right. Just a few days into our membership drive and we’re halfway to a momentous landmark: making Christ and Pop Culture a permanent fixture in the online culture-writing landscape. We’re halfway to sealing the deal with our families and being able to tell our spouses and kids that we’re not just wasting our time on a hobby. We’re halfway to being able to point to CAPC as an undeniable force for good that is backed by genuine and believing fans.

We’re halfway to making the internet a significantly better place. But we’re only halfway there.

Lord Willing, we’ll achieve our goal by the end of October and we’ll be able to set our minds on growth rather than survival.

How You Can Help

For those of you who have appreciated Christ and Pop Culture from afar, we ask you to become a member, choosing between the $5, $10, and $25 level.

For those of you who are already members, we’re asking for your support in two specific ways:

1. Prayerfully consider supporting Christ and Pop Culture with a larger monthly rate than you are already offering.

We purposefully price CAPC Memberships so that anyone could support us and receive the same amount of content as everyone else. Still, we rely on the generosity of those who are able to support us with more in order to survive. By becoming a CAPC Patron or CAPC Sponsor, you’ll play major role in helping Christ and Pop Culture us to survive and grow.

If you’d like to increase your monthly payment, contact us let us know.

2. Encourage at least two other people you know to become members of Christ and Pop Culture. If you know regular readers of Christ and Pop Culture who aren’t yet members, encourage them to take advantage of the many benefits of membership.