The exact purpose and focus of Unwinnable can be elusive at first glance. It’s a videogame site that also revels in film, comics, music, and general geek culture. So far as I can tell, even as a writer for Unwinnable for several years now, there’s no clear candidate for the exemplary Unwinnable article. The articles Unwinnable runs tend to be wrenches thrown carelessly into the system, a total out of left-field detour that takes the outlet somewhere new.

That elusive, constantly evolving tendency is what makes Unwinnable so special. Rather than keep a slavish focus on purpose and vision, Unwinnable is more interested in its writers. With every piece that is published, the reader is increasingly aware of the individuals that produce its content and the perspectives they represent. This approach comes with many dangers and struggles, but it also comes with one key benefit: incredible, risky, brave writing.

Unwinnable is where some of the best writers out there go to have that piece published they can’t get published anywhere else. It’s distinctly non-religious; the Editor-in-chief, Stu Horvath, is an agnostic, and one of their best and more consistent writers, Gus Mastrapa (not to mention one of the nicest guys you will ever meet), is a self-proclaimed Satanist (I can’t tell if he’s serious. I think he’s serious?). The rest of the staff is filled out by all kinds, myself included, a reformed Southern Baptist, and the crazy thing is that everyone ends up respected and heard.

Subscribe3If Christians believe that the truth of the gospel has the ability to win out in the marketplace of ideas, we need to champion outlets like Unwinnable that present opportunities for Christians to participate in those markets without so much as a side-eye. If there is something that is important to me, Unwinnable lets me write about it. It’s pretty much that simple.

Christ and Pop Culture readers should know and understand that Unwinnable often publishes content that may shock or even offend them. But they should also know that Unwinnable is an outlet without a negative agenda. They are one of the most genuine and transparently honest and open outlets out there, and that allows for even Christians to produce some incredibly work within their digital pages.

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