We’re happy to officially announce Christ and Pop Culture LIVE: With Real People, In a Real Space, With a Real Audience (We Hope), a descriptively titled late-night panel that will take place at The Gospel Coalition 2015 National Conference. By the way, you can save $30 on your registration to the TGC National Conference by using “CAPC15” as a coupon code. We have that kind of pull.

If you’re a fan of what we do, you simply have to come, because we are afraid no one else will be there. But show up early because this thing is going to be off the hook and we’re sure the room will fill up probably. We’ll have all your favorite people: Richard Clark (that’s me), Alan Noble, Derek Rishmawy, Mike Cosper! Will there be other special guests? Maybe! You never know (we don’t know yet either)!

By the way, you recognize that name, Mike Cosper right? He’s kind of a big deal. I mean, sure, Richard Clark is me, CAPC’s editor-in-chief. Alan Noble is our managing editor and writer for the likes of The Atlantic. And Derek Rishmawy is the Reformedish superstar, everyone’s favorite everyday theologian. But Mike Cosper is the pastor of worship and arts at Sojourn Community Church, has written some books, and has done a bunch of other amazing stuff in the arts and culture area, so he’s basically the guy you should be coming to see. We feel confident he will say some really smart and intriguing things even though it’s not in his contract or anything. Also, he wrote a fantastic book called The Stories We Tell.

You can expect a light-hearted discussion about popular culture, our role in it, and the church’s role in engaging, discerning, and consuming culture. That’s what you’ll get out of it. As for us, we’ll get a chance to see your beautiful faces, which will be pretty awesome.

Here’s the info so you can go ahead and start turning down invites to exclusive parties by saying, “Nah, I would love to but I have to go to Christ and Pop Culture LIVE: With Real People, In a Real Space, With a Real Audience (We Hope) and by the way, you should cancel that party and tag along”:

When: Tuesday, April 14th – 9:30pm
Room: Wekiwa 6-8 (level 2, right at the top of the escalators)

By the way this thing is free. All you have to do is walk into the room. That’s the cost. I mean, you have to register for the conference, but at $30 off (coupon code: CAPC15) that’s a steal!

See you there!


  1. just a question I hope won’t get taken the wrong way… While I don’t always have time to read everything at CAPC and I don’t subscribe to the paid version, it has never struck me as particularly devoted to only one theological perspective (which is one thing I’ve always liked about it – even if most everyone is from one perspective, it doesn’t get rammed down everyone else’s throats). That said, I have to question why such an even then is taking place at a Gospel Coalition conference, given their tendencies to consider Calvinism an essential part of the Gospel (granted perhaps they’ve backed off in the last year or two while I’ve tried to avoid anything affiliated with them to avoid getting angry, despite having formerly liked a few blogs over there)??? Just curious. If it really is “everyone already was going so we could make it happen there” I do get and understand that, it just sadly does leave a bit of a taste in this non-Calvinists mouth (I personally try to avoid the topic whenever possible and I have lots of Calvinist friends I get along with very well (I went to a Presbyterian college!) but my experiences online with TGC were such that they were wanting to make that interpretation an essential of the faith and to go out of their way to say so, which seemed unnecessary to me)

    1. @Anon – Our main desire in terms of presence at events is that we’d love to be present wherever our audience is.

      I can’t speak directly to all of this, but we also have a presence at the Festival of Faith and Music, which might be more up your alley! http://www.calvin.edu/go/ffm

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