Today, we’re happy to introduce The Christ and Pop Culture Podcast Network. It’s made up of five shows that exemplify what Christ and Pop Culture is all about: thoughtful, discerning appreciation for culture.

We’ve been doing podcasts for a while, off and on, experimenting with different formats and hosts. In fact, Christ and Pop Culture began as a podcast. Co-founder David Dunham and I would have weekly conversations about films we’d seen, award shows, and whether or not Harry Potter was a Christ figure (he is, no question. Sorry David). More recently, the podcast was a three day a week bonanza of random hosts and guests. Then we narrowed things down a bit, focused on production, and created a single show with Drew Dixon, Brad Williams, and Erin Straza.

But Christ and Pop Culture has always been about giving people who were passionate and knowledgeable about particular things room to shine, and we saw an opportunity to create a unique offering that didn’t yet exist: a series of podcasts for a Christian audience that took culture seriously, that engaged smartly with art and popular culture on its own terms, and that took Christian orthodoxy seriously while doing it.

So we sought out some prospective hosts, and essentially handed them the keys to their own podcast. We’re offering them the platform and the practical resources they need to create their own show, and then, essentially, we’re going to leave them alone and let them do their thing.

The shows we’re offering through the CAPC Network are creations of people who have been a part of CAPC, who we’ve grown to love and trust, and who we know will create fascinating and engaging listens that you’ll want to tune into every week.

You can start listening to (almost) all of these shows right this moment, and expect weekly episodes from each. Let’s make our introductions, shall we?

sunday-oldskool_coverSunday Oldskool – Where a love of Jesus informs a love of hip hop. (Mondays)
Cray Alred and Sam Bennett have been doing their thing for a long time now, but they’ve managed to perfect an insightful, fun, and mind-expanding show that I was extremely happy to bring under the CAPC umbrella. Each week, they break-down secular hip-hop and discuss the good and bad, ultimately shining the spotlight on a culture that Christians have been too afraid to engage. I would highly recommend this show to both fans of hip-hop and those who find themselves afraid of the genre.

perscoverPersuasion – Fine ladies, rational minds, and the best kind of company. (Tuesdays)
There are a lot of Christian podcasts out there for and by women, but we wanted to offer one that didn’t limit its subject matter or audience. Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson are affable, engaging, and always have something crucial to add to the conversation. So we gave them a podcast. With the help of a different guest every week, they’ll be talking about issues that affect women.

0018-CAPC_podcast_burnafterlisteningBurn After Listening – A music podcast about grace and good music. (Wednesdays – First Episode Coming This Week)
I’ve known Nick for a while and have always appreciated his approach to music. He would often speak of it as if it was water in a desert, or a best friend during a lonely time. Music matters to Nick, and on this show he’ll be explaining why, bringing on guests to help him engage the old and new.

0018-CAPC_capc-digestThe CAPC Digest – A weekly dive into the world of CAPC (Thursdays)
Drew Dixon and Brad Williams really are the dynamic duo, a couple of friends who go way back and share a love for discussing fascinating cultural issues. Each week, they bring on a guest or two to discuss articles they’ve written recently at CAPC in more depth.


0018-CAPC_podcast_seeing-believingSeeing & Believing – A weekly discussion of film and television and how they intersect with our faith (Fridays)
I’m always proud of the film criticism that Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan have offered up on CAPC in the past, and have always appreciated their guest contributions on the CAPC Podcast in the past. It’s well past time they had their own show. Each week, they’ll host some pretty impressive guests who will help them work through the sacred they find on screen.

If you like what you hear, please take a moment to rate and review us on iTunes. That will go a long way toward helping the CAPC Podcast Network succeed, and will make it easier for people looking for great cultural engagement to find us. And of course, if you’re interested in supporting us in a more concrete way, you can always become a member.

Happy Listening!