LOL Interwebz: When I Became a Man, I Put Dark and Gritty Things Behind Me

What is interesting is how swiftly fanboys turned from demanding everything darker and grittier in the not-terribly-distant days of ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Watchmen’ and even ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ to ridiculing dark’n’gritty right out of the gate.

Yes, New Earth Will Have Movies!

I believe that popular culture will last into eternal life — yes, including literal discs and books and songs.

The CAPC Digest #12: So Much Stuff, So Little Time with S.D. Kelly

The Kiddy Pool: Wolf Hall and Ordinary People

Burn After Listening: Cover Songs with Chase Abner (Part 2)


Exposing all the foolishness of the Bible. You’ll thank me later.

Persuasion: Reruns & Repeats

Listening Closer: In the Falling Dark, Bruce Cockburn Prays for Fire

In “Lord of the Starfields,” Bruce Cockburn lifts up a prayer that we might find the faith and hope to live redemptively in a world that brings so many down.

We Are All Participants

Our hearts and our bodies groan for something to believe in, for someone to follow, for somewhere to belong.

Sunday Oldskool: To Pimp a Butterfly part 2

Remembering the Goodness of Gilbert Blythe and the Magic of ‘Anne of Green Gables’

In the end, the story transcends the sitcom scenarios and builds into a plot any contemporary reader or viewer can get behind.

Lost & Found: What We Find in Our Losses

When loss finds us, we ache.

Seeing and Believing: The Supercast!

LOL Interwebz: An Immodest Promposal

Big, elaborate marriage proposals attempt to make a spectacle of something that is, in reality, a very ordinary thing.

The CAPC Digest #11: Blind Spots with Collin Hansen

So Much Stuff, So Little Time: How Do We Keep Our Possessions from Possessing Us?

Denying the appeal of the material world will not in and of itself bring a sense of balance.