Burn After Listening: Cover Songs with Chase Abner (Part 1)

Life as We Know It: Sharing Stories and Building Community, Free for CAPC Members

Life as We Know It is a group resource that facilitates sharing crucial and meaningful life stories to build deeper community.

The Kiddy Pool: The Ideology of Egg Hunts

“I wonder, ultimately, if it’s not really even about egg hunts”

Call for Pitches: Upheaval

Persuasion: You Go Girl! Desire and Ambition in the Life of Faith

Listening Closer: I Have a Dream of Election-Season Peace

Election season is on us again. Can music help us keep the peace?

Ryan Hall and Running for Godliness

It’s this kind of thinking that makes me feel that Hall is a fellow sojourner, and I’m rooting for my fellow sojourner to get back on the podium.

The Price and Value of College Athletics

Even in its brokenness, there is a strongly redemptive value to sports culture, especially college sports culture.

CAPC Members Only Podcast #13: Sunday Oldskool, B4.DA.$$ by Joey Bada$$

Sunday Oldskool: To Pimp a Butterfly part 1 – “The Blacker the Berry”

Seeing and Believing: An Interview with Director Paul Harrill + Netflix’s DAREDEVIL

LOL Interwebz: Putin the Memes Away

“Freedom of speech,” at least insofar as it applies to viral Internet content, by nature privileges the rights of a cruel, capricious mob over the rights of a private individual.

Choosing a Better Way: Rethinking the Rhetoric of Independence in the Birth Control Debate

The questions surrounding birth control are not simply about a women’s autonomy but about her community.

Burn After Listening: The Sincerity of Townes Van Zandt

Mad Men: The Imperceptibility of Change

I’ve been trying to decide—for years, literally—if Mad Men is a tragedy or a comedy.

Rolling Stone’s Failure Is a Reminder to Respect the Truth

We know that truth is not only worthwhile, but essential to bringing justice to survivors of sexual abuse.