Persuasion Episode 27: Honest Talk on Sexual Sin

Mooner’s ‘Masterpiece’: The Pop-Rock of American Nostalgia

Mooner’s ‘Masterpiece’ is characterized by the confidence of a band that has found its own unique point of access to a genuinely American spiritual stratum.

A Roguelike Faith: Starting Again Every Day

Very similar to roguelike gaming, faith isn’t a journey that can be completed.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 70: Prayer and Time Travel in D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah”

Regular ‘Girls’: How Hannah Horvath Learned the Virtues of the Ordinary Life

The story of Hannah is a parable of coming to terms with just how normal our humanness is.

Seeing and Believing Episode 28: The Colbert-Cast

LOL Interwebz: The Revenge of the #LOL!

Internet, we had an arrangement. You would be generally terrible, and I would tell the world about your general terribleness.

Beyond the Booth: How ‘Broadchurch’ Makes Confession Communal

‘Broadchurch’ Series 2 reminds us that proof of wrongdoing is not enough to maintain the bonds of community. We must confess.

The CAPC Digest Episode 27: Defunding Planned Parenthood with Matthew Loftus

Call for Pitches: Manhood

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “Manhood.”

David Foster Wallace and the Chamber of Secrets

Fame always rested uneasily on David Foster Wallace’s brow. By some accounts he hungered for it, but he was also smart enough to know what that unseemly appetite said about him.

Should We Go Down the Ashley Madison Rabbit Hole?

Should we look up the names of those exposed in the Ashley Madison hack?

Persuasion Episode 26: Of Boys and Men