Feeling Ordinary Is Very Common

If there are no ordinary people, why do most of us feel so plain?

The Next Page: ‘Better Living through Criticism’ and Thinking about Christian Art

We mustn’t offer a knee-jerk dismissal of criticism of so-called Christian media, because sometimes it’s bad art. And bad art, even with the marketing label Christian, does not glorify the ultimate Creator.

‘The Wingfeather Saga’ Reshapes Our Imaginations to Love Others

‘The Wingfeather Saga’ shapes our imaginations so that we can put ourselves through the discipline of loving those who are not like us.

Persuasion Episode 51: Getting in the Game

Socialism’s Lonely Eden

Christianity’s primary critique of socialism is not that it strives for too much, but that it settles for too little.

Flesh Separated, Heart Restored: Finding Healing after Marriage Ends

When our “one flesh” is separated, we are left with a sort of spiritual void that is different from the mere anticipation of union found in unmarried singleness.

Seeing and Believing Episode 53: ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ And Top 5 Single-Location Movies

The Monsters at ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’

When you encounter a monster on Cloverfield Lane, you discover a hard truth about the connection between our personal fears and our instinct for self-preservation.

LOL Interwebz: Daaaaaaaaaaaang, Adulthood!

The world is a dark, scary place, and disposable pap like “Damn Daniel” is comforting.

Bringing the Prairie to the Hood

Watching ‘Little House on the Prairie’ in Southeast D.C., where the population is 94% black, is a bit of an anomaly.

The 25 Episode 5: Babylon Bee, John Oliver and ‘The People Vs. OJ Simpson’

The CAPC Digest #47: A Liturgy of Binge Watching Netflix with Leah Rabe

A Conversation with James Watson on ‘A Window on the Door’, Free for CAPC Members

Adam Marshall speaks with author James Watson about his book, ‘A Window on the Door’, available free this month for Christ and Pop Culture Members.

Persuasion Episode 50: A Walk Down Memory Lane with ‘Fuller House’ & Trump

Forbidden Planet Is Still Relevant & Thought-Provoking 60 Years Later

Forbidden Planet delivered a solemn warning about humanity’s interactions with technology, a warning that’s no less relevant to 21st century audiences.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 88: Reminiscing