The Eternal Return

Reclaiming the Bible as story helps us to live in the tension between our experience, with its various cycles, and the ending to which history is moving.

Call for Pitches: Food & Eating

Write for our magazine! Submit a pitch for a feature article on the theme of “food & eating.”

Hamilton and Trump: Making America Great Through Self-Promotion?

Hamilton’s insistence that he can and must save himself echoes, in a slightly altered key, Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Seeing and Believing Episode 52: TV And Movie Nostalgia in Pop Culture & Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’

LOL Interwebz: Why You Would Dislike Having a Dislike Button

You don’t need a dislike button, and you don’t even want a dislike button.

How to Be an Atheist: Working out the Worldview of a Skeptic, Free for CAPC Members

Mitch Stokes’ ‘How to Be an Atheist’ shows the work of the worldview of a skeptic.

Cool Takes: Can Leslie Knope Save Our Politics?

Leslie Knope is an American political hero.

‘The Life of Pablo’ and the Messy, Scandalous Redemption of Kanye West

‘The Life of Pablo’ is a messy, but redemptive album from Kanye West

The CAPC Digest 46: Terrible Open Letters with Luke T. Harrington

Touchdown Jesus: Erin Andrews’ Harassment Shows the Sports World’s Injustice

The sports world’s treatment of women must change—now.

‘Downton Abbey’ and the Weight of History

‘Downton Abbey’ succeeds by reminding us of the human face of history.

Sunday Oldskool Episode 87: Alyosha, Voltaire, and Hip Hop with Joshua Powell

CAPC Magazine Issue 4, Volume 4: Unexpected Fulfillment

The human heart longs after fulfillment whether we mean it to or not.

Sacred Time in the Netflix Era

Strange as it may sound, instant-access, binge-watching Netflix culture can, in fact, enrich our lives.

Seeing and Believing Episode 51: ‘The Witch’ And ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2

‘Many Beautiful Things’: Lilias Trotter and the Theology of the Cross

Like Lilias Trotter of ‘Many Beautiful Things,’ we must all wrestle with the powerful cultural pressure to place success and glory as the highest value of our lives.