Persuasion Episode 57: Home Is Where the Art Is

Artist, educator, and mother Michelle Berg Radford joins CAPC staff writer Hannah Anderson to discuss the conflict between “domestica” and creative callings.

Touchdown Jesus: The Inexplicable Joy of Leicester City’s Title

Confronted by the inexplicable, our reaction—strangely enough—is joy.

‘Midnight Special’ Explores Belief & Doubt With Surprising Honesty

Midnight Special is one of the best films in the last decade to explore the questions of faith and doubt.

Maybe Transhumanism Is Simply a New Way to Solve an Old Problem

Advances may enhance or prolong our physical experience, but nothing can erase God’s imprint.

Ballet, Barbie, and My Body

According to cultural preferences, thin is beautiful; fat is ugly. Thin equals success; fat equals failure. It may be wrong, but most of us believe it.

‘Captain America: Civil War’, A Prophetic Spectacle for Our Time

Perhaps the spectacle of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ can give us pause enough to consider our cultural situation and the precipice over which we stand.

Seeing and Believing Episode 59: ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ + TV Recommendations Segment

The guys review Richard Linklater’s Linklater-y look at college baseball players.

“O, Columbia!” ‘Bioshock Infinite’ and Donald Trump’s America

For me, Donald Trump will always be Zachary Hale Comstock, Prophet and Founder of Columbia and the villain of Ken Levine’s ‘Bioshock Infinite.’

The CAPC Digest #52: The NFL Draft and the Image of God with Val Dunham

Tyler and Drew chat with Val Dunham about her recent article “In the NFL Draft, Does Function Trump Value?”

‘Jane the Virgin’, the Book of Ruth, and Latina Identity

Depictions of Latinas on TV don’t often get it right, if they even show up on the screen at all. What is a Latina Christian to do?

The 25 Episode 11: Beyoncé 2016, ‘Hail, Caesar!’ and ‘Fixer Upper’ Season 3

Beyoncé 2016, ‘Fixer Upper’ Season 3 and ‘Hail, Caesar!’ are nominated for the 12th spot on The CaPC 25 for 2016.

The Next Page: There Is Life after College and Character Formation

The fruits of the spirit that guide Christian character formation differ from the “human capital” Jeffrey Selingo discusses in his book There Is Life after College.

Persuasion Episode 56: New Currency Design Honors Unsung Heroes Like Harriett Tubman

Erin and Hannah have a fast chat about Harriet Tubman’s inclusion on the $20 bill and honoring people besides early political figures.

Touchdown Jesus: Masculinity Stands Up to What’s #MoreThanMean

#MoreThanMean shows that while abuse may be destructive, disgusting, and altogether intolerable, it is not a problem beyond hope of redemption.

Reading ‘Ms. Marvel’ Made Me a Better Dad (No, Really)

When parenting gets hard, I want it to be my way or the highway.

‘Galavant’: Finding Meaning in a Merry, Mocking Medieval Musical

ABC’s ‘Galavant’ breaks all the fairy tale rules and delivers a hefty dose of humor, humility, and reality in the process.