Austen Upside Down

Contemporary writer Curtis Sittenfeld gives Jane Austen a modern makeover, managing to miss the point of Austen’s work in the process.

Can Transhumanism Lead Us Back to Orthodoxy?

Some Christians are afraid transhumanism is just Gnosticism in a new form. But what if that’s backward?

Seeing and Believing: ‘The Office’s’ 15th Anniversary And A Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami

The Office’s 15th Anniversary is celebrated by an episode of reminiscing about one of the most important sit coms created followed by an appreciation for the recently passed Iranian director, Abbas Kiarostami.

Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame, Free for CaPC Members

Entertaining Media

What are we doing when we want to be entertained?

CAPC Magazine, July 2016: Pop Culture Cults

We are inexplicably drawn to shiny new things that make us laugh, inspire, evoke hope, or instill a sense of status.

What’s Getting Us Through the Summer: CaPC Staff Recommendations

Here’s what our writers are consuming this summer when they’re not writing.

Belle’s Fairy Tale Education: Learning Virtue in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale that self-consciously meditates on the role fairy tales play in the development of character.

Persuasion: Insensitive Small Talk Packs a Painful Punch

You’ve heard it said that polite conversation avoids religion and politics. But those aren’t the only subjects that produce insensitive small talk.

Wild Kratts and the Love of the Creature

The Kratts successfully exemplify an approach to the natural world that is thoroughly compatible with a Christian approach to creation care.

The Coming Ethical Conundrums of Transhumanism

The more we look down the tunnel of time, the more complicated the question of transhumanism becomes.

Seeing And Believing: ‘BFG’ And ‘The Black Stallion’

It is children’s movie week on Seeing & Believing so grab the kids, some popcorn and settle in for a weekend of light hearted listening.

Christ and Pop Anti-Culture?

To claim the United States today has no culture, as Carl Trueman does, works only if one adopts the least tenable, most outdated understanding of culture available.

The CAPC Digest: The Obama Family Values with Rachel Horner Starke

The Obama family values are the topic of discussion as Tyler and Drew chat with Rachel Horner Stark about her recent article, “Obama, Cosby, and America’s Black Family.”

Vincent Colbert’s Unwind, Free for CaPC Members

Vincent Colbert is a Denver-based singer-songwriter with a silky voice and a knack for sad songs.

Can Science Justify a Vote for Trump?

Pastor James MacDonald says it can. Here’s why he’s wrong.