Quantico ’s Sin-Sick Systems

Quantico’s first season poses the question, When, if ever, does a large system become too corrupt to preserve?

The 25 Episode 24: ‘Schitt’s Creek’, ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’, and ‘Star Wars: Rebellion’

Mike Perna of InnRoads Ministries joins Jonathan and Sarah to nominate the Star Wars Rebellion board game for The 25 along with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and ‘Schitt’s Creek’.

Persuasion: A Woman’s Place with Katelyn Beaty (Part 1)

What is a woman’s place? This question is tackled by Erin and Hannah’s guest Katelyn Beaty from Christianity Today.

CAPC Magazine, August 2016: Good Clean Fun

Childlike play, choosing to have fun, is a demonstration of faith, that God is ruler yet.

Wielding the Invisible Power of Modesty: Renewing the Vision of Feminine Virtue

Modesty is not a dress code. It is a spiritual posture.

Seeing and Believing: An Interview with Matt Zoller Seitz and Review of ‘Ben-Hur’

Matt Zoller Seitz of RoberEbert.com is with Wade and Kevin to talk about his new book on Oliver Stone. Wade and Kevin then finish the show with the impressions of Ben-Hur.

Twenty One Pilots and the Blurryface in All of Us

Blurryface, the new album from Twenty One Pilots, communicates our longing to be known by those around us and, more importantly, by our Maker.

New Super-Man Reinvents the Superhero Redemption Story

New Super-Man offers hope to the marginalized and gives a voice to the outcasts of twenty-first century society.

The CAPC Digest: Embracing the Supernatural in Stranger Things with Liz Wann

The idea of a unexplainable supernatural occurrence is the reason Drew and Tyler chat with Liz Wann about her article “Stranger Things and Our Quest for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.”

Back-to-School as Secular Liturgy

As a parent, I move in time with the liturgy of school and parenthood that allocates a season for all things.

The 25 Episode 23: ‘Mr. Robot’, ‘Overwatch’, and ‘No Man’s Sky’

Richard Clark and Cray Allred joint Sister Sarah & The Establishment to nominate Mr. Robot, Overwatch, and No Man’s Sky for the 25th slot in The CaPC 25 for 2016.

Ben-Hur Remake Races to a Conflicted Finish

Ben-Hur serves as a good biblically-inspired story, but struggles with a simplistic finale.

Christopher Smith’s Reading for the Common Good, Free for CaPC Members

Christopher Smith’s Reading for the Common Good is available free to CaPC members this month.

Good Vibes to Be Had in the Science World

Scientists are the sort of die hards we need to carry out the Cultural Mandate from Genesis 1 and the Great Commission from Matthew 28.

People Count: Resisting the Fascism of Political Demographics

Instead of perceiving Clinton or Trump supporters as demographics, we need to instead recognize them as individuals

Seeing and Believing: ‘Stranger Things’ And ‘Pete’s Dragon’

Wade and Kevin take us back to the 80’s with a modern TV show ‘Stranger Things’ set in 1983 and a remake of a beloved Disney musical from 1977, ‘Pete’s Dragon’.