Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Panders to Our Longing for Resolution

For me, the magic of Harry Potter was not simply the story printed on the page; it was the countless ones that weren’t.

The 25 Episode 22: The 2016 Olympics, ‘Witch, Please’, and The Ark Encounter

Evangelicals for Trump: In Power or Persecuted?

Many evangelicals consider themselves to be in danger of persecution, with Trump offering their best hope; many secular Americans see things differently.

Unity and Diversity in the Olympic Pool

Swimmer Lilly King claims to be the good American Olympian in the face of the Russian doping scandal, but the truth of the matter is more complicated.

Suicide Squad Explores and Exploits Super-Villainy

Suicide Squad isn’t interested in using its potentially fascinating antiheroes as anything more than props for an often vexingly short show.

Persuasion: How to Keep Olympic Fever from Making You Sick with Envy

Every two years we are overcome with Olympic fever, watching the best of the best from around the world competing for a coveted spot on the podium.

Wondrous Explorers: How Science Reveals the Mystery of Ourselves

It is incredibly mysterious how human minds can understand the universe to the degree that we do.

Stranger Things and Our Quest for the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Stranger Things contrasts the ordinary with the extraordinary, the normal with the supernatural, and the mundane with the unexpected.

Seeing And Believing: ‘The Fits’ And ‘Jason Bourne’

Wade and Kevin review ‘The Fits’ and ‘Jason Bourne’ this week on Seeing & Believing.

CAPC Magazine, August 2016: Dabbling in Other Gospels

It is good, therefore, to see the big picture and consider how our faith might have been woven with some threads of heresy.

In ABZÛ, You Don’t Just Admire Beauty—You Create It

ABZÛ’s unfamiliarity emphasizes a deeper wonder behind beauty that we seldom acknowledge in our lives, much less in our games.

The CaPC 25 Episode 21: Chance the Rapper’s ‘Coloring Book’, ‘Dark Souls III’, And ‘Firewatch’

Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book, Dark Souls 3, and Firewatch are all up for nomination on this weeks episode of The 25 where political incorrectness and falsehoods abound this week.

The Kiddy Pool: Presidential Daughters

We want to believe that our presidential choice shares our values when it comes to future generations, however unlikely that is in reality.

Women Behaving Badly: What Miranda Lambert’s ‘Vice’ Is Really Telling Us

Country star Miranda Lambert gives us insight into sexual freedom for women: does it mean behaving as badly as men?

Unshaken: Real Faith in Our Faithful God by Crawford W. Loritts Jr., Free for CAPC Members

Crawford W. Loritts Jr.’s Unshaken: Real Faith in Our Faithful God is available free to CaPC members this month.

The Babadook Shows That Sometimes, Self-Care Isn’t Strong Enough

The only way we can reckon with the evil in the world is to find ways to bear the risk and pain together.