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More than anything else it seems that 2016 will be marked as a year of unprecedented volatility. At the half-way point we’ve already experienced the turmoil of heightened racial issues, two presidential candidates that only 9% of the country actually want, an unsuccessful military coup, Zika virus, and the rise of a Pokémon clubs everywhere. About the only thing that seems to be a sure thing is the reality of everything being on shaking and unstable ground. I used to live outside a community that had the city motto of “earth in upheaval” and I am beginning to wonder if that motto—and reality—encapsulates our world at the moment. I am sure you feel the upheaval too.

Unshaken is a Biblical glimpse at what real faith actually is, and furthermore the real object of our faith; the only faithful God.

The upheaval is felt in the church as well. Evangelical leaders are deeply divided in their support of the political party, and candidate, that was seen for so many years as reflecting Christian values most clearly. Many of you who read this publication, and who participate as members, have expressed trouble in our member groups over their churches, lives, elections, families, and the like in this last year. The volatile wake of uncertainty and complexity surrounds us on all sides. We dare not look past this year to 2017, but there is a longing in our hearts as a nation, as a church, as a people for some firm footing to rest upon.

Crawford W. Loritts Jr.’s Unshaken: Real Faith in Our Faithful God is a resource aimed at helping us have a sure footing in an insecure and volatile world. Dr. Loritts states,

There is not a follower of Christ who does not at times struggle to reconcile what he knows about God and the seemingly insurmountable challenges and uncertainties he faces. We become fearful, discouraged, and at times frustrated because our faith, frankly, lets us down. That’s why I’ve written this book.

If anything will steady our feet when the world seems to be in upheaval, it’s a confident grasp on God and who he is—even in the face of deepest adversity, turmoil, and trial. Dr. Loritts otherwise defines this as faith. This faith is the means by which we can come to the peaceful still waters of satisfaction, even when then world around us is in disarray. This faith is the means by which we follow the will of God, even when no one else will. This faith is the means by which we move forward in advancing the gospel in the midst of a world that offers a thousand side-shows pretending to be good news. This faith is the means by which we will endure and finish our pilgrimage in an ephemeral and transient world.

Unshaken is a Biblical glimpse at what real faith actually is, and furthermore the real object of our faith; the only faithful God. If anything this book will help you rest your soul upon a gracious, strong, all-powerful, and faithful Savior who is Lord and King over all things. Even in the midst of an “earth in upheaval” living by faith in this King will bring a settled confidence and strength to endure and thrive through the rest of 2016.

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