Seeing and Believing: The Magnificent Seven-cast!

Its the Seeing and Believing Magnificent Seven-cast! Wade and Kevin review the latest remake of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ along with the original film from 1960 and the inspiration for the 1960 film, Kurosawa’s ‘Seven Samurai’

“Your Whole Life’s in the Hand of God”: Rebellion and Redemption in Jon Bellion’s The Human Condition

In The Human Condition, Jon Bellion invites the listener to connect with his lamentations while simultaneously partaking in his longing for something more.

Trump’s Altered State: Reality Is for Suckers

We owe it all to Trump, who was among the first one to go on Reality TV and tell reality itself to get lost.

Nick Cave’s Skeleton Tree Is a Modern Cry of Lament

What is that elusive quality that imbues certain pieces of music with a genuine sense of pain?

Rejecting the Cult of Christianese

By discarding insider talk, Christians have a greater chance of being understood by and communicating with the world around them.

In Defense of Fireplaces: A Moral Critique of Sam Harris’s “Fireplace Delusion”

Sam Harris and the science of morality school of thought fail to recognize that an action like burning wood might have value beyond an obvious contribution to “progress.”

Seeing and Believing: ‘Snowden’ And ‘The Vessel’

Wade and Kevin try not to do anything suspicious as they record their review of Oliver Stone’s Snowden

The CaPC Digest: ‘Loving My Prodigal Country’ with Gina Dalfonzo

Drew and Tyler chat Gina Dalfonso about her article, “Loving My Prodigal Country.”

Sincere Faith and the Great Pumpkin

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! is not about the sacred in opposition to the secular but a striving to find the sacred within the secular.

Wilder Adkins’ Oak & Apple, Free for CaPC Members

Have you ever felt like you’re hearing an old hymn for the very first time?

The CaPC 25 Episode 25: ‘The Innocents’, ‘Midnight Special’, and ‘I Used to Be A Human Being’

‘The Innocents’, ‘Midnight Special’, and ‘I Used to Be A Human Being’ are up for including on The CaPC 25 for 2016 as special guest Kevin Mclennithan joins the crew this week.

What will be the creative legacy of No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky presents ideas that are ambitious enough to leave lasting impressions on the future of game making.

Persuasion: Hillary Clinton Is A Human

Hillary Clinton is a human, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the whole world’s in an uproar. Reports of her illness flooded news outlets in an attempt to give meaning to this SHOCKING turn of events.

Bought with a Price: Fixer Upper and Our Relics of Comfort

While Protestants want to call every believer a saint, we reserve a particular esteem for some of our more public faithful.

The CAPC Digest: Superman, Diversity, and Redemption

Drew and Tyler chat with Blain Grimes about comics and his recent article “New Super-Man Reinvents the Superhero Redemption Story.”

Seeing and Believing: An Interview with Oliver Stone and A Review of ‘Sully’

Wade and Kevin bring you an interview with Oliver Stone about his films, life and belief. The second segment is the duo’s impressions on Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sully’