Being There by Dave Furman, Free for CaPC Members

Dave Furman’s Being There is intended to help us navigate life with those who are suffering.

Bidding Farewell to Garrison Keillor’s Church

Keillor had no interest in presenting a scrubbed and gleaming version of the church and its people to the world; if anything, his stories tend in the opposite direction.

Telling My Story: The Limits of Personal Narrative

The standard explanation for the power of personal narrative is that out of a particular experience, the universal one can be understood, or at least felt, if only briefly.

The Stories Our Churches Tell

While the story of scripture and the story of America are not always in conflict, they are not the same story.

Persuasion: Doing 10 Minutes of Nothing Each Day

Doing 10 Minutes of Nothing Each Day sounds insane in a culture where we are driven to perform and produce. Erin and Hannah give an ounce of Persuasion that 10 minutes of nothing each day might be a great idea.

Loving My Prodigal Country

How, in the face of such divisiveness, rage, resentment, and hatred, does one go on loving the country where it’s all taking place?

Seeing and Believing: An Interview with Derek Cianfrance and Fall Movie Preview

Derek Cianfrance, director of ‘Light Between Oceans’ joins Wade and Kevin to talk about the upcoming film. The duo then list off their most anticipated films for the Fall 2016 awards season.

A Country Rightly Loved

Rightly ordering our loves allows for patriotism and love of country, but it prevents nationalism and idolization of country.

Beyond the Final Frontier: A CaPC Tribute to Star Trek

As a tribute to Star Trek’s lasting legacy, here are some of CaPC writers’ favorite moments.

The Kiddy Pool: Censoring and Editing Children’s Books

My husband and I do censor books, but as people of faith, we parents have to trust that we’ve done the best we can to prepare our children to cope in a broken world on their own.

Kind to Be Cruel: The Tragedy of Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins was surrounded by people who told her, wrongly, she could sing, and her life was stunted as a result.

Persuasion: A Woman’s Place with Katelyn Beaty (Part 2)

What is a woman’s place? Katelyn Beaty returns for Part 2 of her interview on Persuasion discussing her new book and the practical application.

Jessica Jones, Abuse, and ‘The Courage to Be’

Jessica Jones illustrates the ontological, spiritual, and moral anxiety of abuse, as well as what Paul Tillich calls “the courage to be.”

Seeing and Believing: ‘Hell or High Water’ And ‘Our Little Sister’

It’s a sibling-themed episode this week as Wade and Kevin review ‘Hell or High Water’ and ‘Our Little Sister’

City of God and the Ends of American Politics

From Augustine’s critique of Roman culture in City of God, we can come to see that neither of our political parties are the guardians of biblical morality.

Raw Grief and Real Hope in Ingrid Michaelson’s It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense

Ingrid Michaelson’s ‘Boys and Girls’ and ‘It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense’ intersect in the space between what love should be and what we’ve made it.